Website Promotion

You have a beautiful website filled with great information and lots of pictures. You might even have an online store, advertising, surveys, and more.

Now all you need are a few visitors. Actually, make that a bunch of visitors!

That means you need SEO, right?  Well… yes, but that is just a piece of it.

The website promotion team at Kdari will put together a plan for your site that will turn your “beautiful site” into a beautiful site… that makes lots of money.

Your website promotion plan will include things like:

  • Researching keywords for your industry.
  • Finding your niche and site-specific keywords.
  • Identifying other major players in your niche.
  • Optimizing site layout for human and search engine readability.
  • Placing keywords in title tags, H1’s , and other key locations.
  • Eliminating duplicate content.
  • Submitting your site to search engines.
  • Listing your business with online maps
  • Connecting your account to thousands of users on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Connecting with industry specific sites

And, in case you are still wondering what SEO is, check out the article What is SEO?

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